Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Machine

Do you want to produce Mattress enclosing machine by yourself or you maybe asked what is Mattress enclosing machine? All right,Mattress enclosing machine which is used in simmons mattress,under the fabric and side edge material between the sewing work,is the Mattress production process indispensable machinery.Perhaps not specialized in the production of mattress will not understand it.Easy to operate,want to make mattress to understand!Mattress edge machine is divided into two types:one is automatic edge machine and semi-automatic edge machine,which are controlled by eletronic control panel,can input sewing speed table height.It is very convenient and simple.
The tape edge machine uses eletronic control panel to finished the work of edge stiching between mattress fabric and wall cloth.It is also suitable for sewing other bedding,blankets,sofa cushions and sleeping bags.To adapt to sewing of various height mattress.The clutch motor is used to drive to drive the walking box and nose. The angle deceleration is convenient and easy to control. The upper and lowerr shafts are driven by synchronous gear belt: the lever type needle pitch adjusting mechanism.It adopts integerated down feeding,needle feeding and alternating pressing foot feeding,and high pressure foot stroke,High pressure foot lifting clearance and long line trace,with push-pull stainless steel professional edge fixture;can easily handle difficult to transfer materials and multi-layer heavy leather.Clutch type safety device is installed to prevent machine damage caused by load and make sewing operation more stable and convenient.The height of the push plate can be adjusted,and the man-machine performance is more reasonable.

The automatic mattress tape edge machine adopts the electronic control panel,the machine has the adjustment of the elevation angle of the machine head,sewing speed adjustment and other characteristics.During sewing,the conveyer belt conveys the mattress for sewing.The mattress is controlled by PLC program and operated by artificial intelligence.The mattress can walk automatically,turn the agle automatically and turn over automatically in the sewing process.The sewing speed is improved. The machine head can automatically lift,decelerate and recover automatically at the corner of sewn mattress,which improves the sewing quality and solves the problem of the edge warping of the four corners.The sewing of mattresses requires only one person to operate which improves the working efficiency and reduces the labor itensity.It is the ideal equipment for the production of high-grade mattresses and assembly lines.